Your questions answered

Your questions answered

09 September 2021

We get it. Moving to a new software provider is disconcerting and you’re not alone in worrying about what issues may arise when making the move. Here we look at the most common questions people have asked and offer you our reassurance that we’ve anticipated your concerns and can put your mind at rest.

Is the software easy to use?
You’ll be asking this not only for yourself but for your team, too. We’ve made using our software intuitive and simple to pick up. If you can navigate a smart phone, you’ll feel at ease. There is of course training on hand, and we’re here to hold your hand, but you’ll soon grasp it and run with it. the whole idea is to make your life and your team’s lives simpler.

What are the hidden costs?
We’ve looked, our clients have looked and no, sorry we can’t find any! There’s one pre-agreed set monthly fee. That’s it.

Will we need new infrastructure and hardware?
Usually not. If you have internet provision and existing terminals, card machines and tills, we do our best to utilise what you have in place. If there is a requirement, don’t panic. We can spec it out and source it for you.

How long will it take to set up and migrate the data?
When First Sports scope out a project, we allow a matter of weeks for set up and in our experience, data migration is slick and quick. Working through the right stages under the guidance of an experienced project manager, at the right time, this really can be a hassle-free process.

Is it secure?
First Sports is a cloud-based solution with every security measure in place for full traceability of access and GDPR compliance. Used by some of the biggest names in sport, securely hosting hundreds of thousands of personal records, you can count on us.

How easy is to access info and report on KPIs?
This is a key feature of First Sports software. It puts your data at your fingertips, easily accessed, retrieved and reported using Power BI. Customise dashboards, automate reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and interrogate away. This is real time data reported your way.

Will it integrate with existing systems like access control?
Our software will open your doors and gates! In short anything is possible. We’ve integrated with many different software packages across the industry, even with bespoke apps and payment gateways. We will find a way.

Is it future proof?
The architecture of our design makes continual adaptation and change not only possibly, but an inherent part of the evolution of the solution. It is pliable to expand with you, and provides a strong foundation to be built upon.

Go on… ask us another!
We’re here to reassure and surprisingly, we don’t want to be just your next software supplier, we want to be your software partner, for the long term. Let us show you how.

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