Use your data!

Use your data!

12 September 2022

Leisure centres and gyms generate a wealth of information, insights such as customer retention, intelligence to support finding new customers and analysis on sales trends and transaction values. But do busy operators extract, view and use this data to make smarter business decisions to help their business to grow?

A Forbes article highlights 49% of respondents from a recent survey state analytics help them to make better decisions, they can be more business agile and by acting quickly on data driven insights.

Below we highlight a few ways data could help your gym, sports centre, or leisure facility.

Use your data to help understand performance

What are you selling or not selling? Are there any trends to a particular membership purchased or an after-work out refreshment perhaps. Use your data to view areas where the business is performing well and concentrate those efforts and resources where the business performance shows a need to improve. For example, does your data show you have an 8am spin class with no attendees? Market this specific class, change the time or class type.

Use your data to improve business processes

Improved business processes can reduce money, time and effort. Use data to analysis business processes that are working in your business or areas that require attention. For example, what is your customer journey process for a new joining gym member? Could this be improved with an additional touchpoint of email communications on joining, staff interaction at week 6 when it’s showing a decline in attendance or simply adding a leaving questionnaire to understand why members are not enjoying using your facility.

Use your data to understand your customers

Who are your customers? Typically, what is their demographic profile, how often do they visit the gym, what distance do they live from the gym, what is their attendance pattern (before or after work), do they only use the gym or wider leisure centre? Use your data to understand your customers to help retain and engage them but also use this intelligence to steer marketing campaigns to generate new customers.

First Sports software can help to collect, manage, view and use data for improved business decisions and growth. Our powerful real-time reporting moduleallows you to automate, extract and view your data and key metrics anytime, anywhere.

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