Time to keep track of payments



Time to keep track of payments

Time to keep track of payments

As leisure operators, you are perfectly poised to maintain steady membership income, obtain advance payments for fitness and swimming classes, pitch and court hire, and keep the business finances on track.

The key to managing income is making the payment process easy, and by easy we mean automated! With the move away from the use of cash and towards automated and contactless payment well documented, the time is right to make sure your clients can use the payment methods they choose, when they choose.

Automated direct debit

If you’re still using paper membership forms at the reception and going through a manual direct debit process. Stop! First Sports automated payments module will move money from the client’s account to yours, with ease and without tying your staff resources up. Putting your offering online makes it available to users around the clock. With a smooth customer journey - via a handy link to your e-shop - signing up to an automated online direct debit mandate couldn’t be simpler.All data is held securely, fully auditable, and reportable.

Integrate payment up front, or at the desk

Paying ahead for a series of classes is a convenient way to commit, knowing their place is confirmed, and allowing users to simply step into the studio pitch or court, or dive directly into the pool. Alternatively, pay at the desk in cash, debit or credit card or contactless can satisfy a knee-jerk instinct to join in.First Sports offer dependable, flexible payment solutions for cash, debit, credit and contactless cards and scheduled direct debit. Online, or onsite it’s one integrated payment solution for leisure centres, studios, gyms and sports clubs.

I’ll pay my subs next week, honest!

Everyone who’s ever had to collect subs has heard this – and many other excuses – and has had the headache of keeping track of subscriptions paid and owed. Ease the pain and get ahead of the game by using First Sports automated payment module for team and club subscriptions. And remember, ‘no pay, no play!’.

Let’s get together and see how First Sports can automate your payment processes.

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