New season, new reason for new technology tactics



New season, new reason for new technology tactics

We are on the brink of a new season for football, rugby and netball, and experiencing high levels of activity from our existing sports management software users, as players migrate, and new league tables are set.

Before the first match kicks off

Pre-season is a busy time for sports clubs, are you all organised, energised and raring to go, or exhausted by all the complex preparations? Getting ready for a new season, means refreshing teams, as new players try out and others move on. New player registrations and fixture communication with the leagues is intensive.

Income generation is a big consideration, player subscriptions, club memberships, season and match tickets are projected and structured. Sponsors are approached, attracted and deals struck. Match programmes are planned, adverts placed, websites updated, hoardings replaced, social media updated.

Kits and merchandise are ordered and distributed, clubhouse stocks replenished, changing rooms prepared. Team managers, coaches, club secretariat, officials, and support staff from physiotherapists to bar tenders are all recruited, briefed, updated and raring to go.

Get ahead of the game

Sports clubs using our software solutions, have had the frustration of organisation and administration eased. They are already one step ahead of the forthcoming season.

They are using the latest, most dependable and future fit technology to manage their whole club operation. From player registration to club and pitch/court access, subscriptions to fixture management, transactions to communications. They’re using a flexible online solution which supports the club from the first whistle of the season, through every moment of play, every caution, each subscription paid, and win celebrated. All results recorded and reported in real-time with seamless integration to their website.

First Sports is a software solution that manages club events, tournaments, fixtures, and results. Player profiles, participation, and engagement.

Get ahead of the game when it comes to managing your club this season. Organise a demonstration and discover how First Sports can provide a cost-effective software solution.

First Sports innovative, professional level technology is available, already in use by 2,500 clubs and affordable to amateurs and professional clubs alike. Find out how by organising a demo now.

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