Leading the way to better sales.

Leading the way to better sales.

23 March 2022

Where are your prospects now?

We are in March already, and we invite you to take a look around your club, gym or leisure centre. Can you see them? Are all those people who made enquiries in January, with you? Were they all shown around? Did they join, and did your existing members renew? Are your stakeholders pleased with the ROI on your new year promotions? Or… are all those leads you collected still sat waiting for attention, left abandoned and forgotten?

From enquiry to loyalty

If you have a sinking feeling that the latter statement is more reflective of your situation, then right now is a great time to take a look at First Sports’ dedicated sales and prospecting module. It handles enquiries, categorises leads, assigns actions, tracks and reports progress for every step of the customer journey. From the initial enquiry, to site visit, joining and long term loyalty, this is the fully GDPR compliant sales module you can’t afford to ignore. Just like those January sales leads!

Triggers and alerts

When you run a busy gym, club or leisure centre we know that time is precious, and people can get easily distracted. That’s why the sales and prospecting module is easily pre-loaded with triggers that set off automatic, relevant communications and channels responses based on the respondents actions. You control every action of the sales flow and can set alerts to remind responsible team members to follow up.

Rev up the sales engine

This is a powerful automated sales engine, that absolutely makes the most of every lead captured directly from your website. You are in control of the type, tone and timing of sales communications completely bespoke to your brand and sent directly from the system. Set key performance indicators for the business, as well as team and individual sales targets. Monitoring progress is inbuilt to the system and can form the basis of any relevant commission or reward calculations.

Conquest, engage, retain

Track progress at the touch of the button, review interactions and capture and replicate the methodology that generates the most success. Any unconverted prospects remain in the system along with intelligence such as competitor uptake and renewal dates, ready for future targeted promotion and incentives. This isn’t just a new conquest sales tool, this module is designed to engage and retain your members too.

Let us lead the way to better lead management. See it for yourself, book a demonstration today. 

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