Agile software supports sports and leisure operators with coronavirus legislation



Agile software supports sports and leisure operators with coronavirus legislation

As business leaders, we plan, we project, we provide people with the resources to build positive outcomes for our organisations. We liked to think we had everything under control. 

Then came COVID19. 

Daily life shifted. No longer could we enjoy a weekly game of 5-a-side, work out at the gym, have a pint at a party with our friends. Sports and leisure, suddenly, stopped. 

The pandemic presented our industry with an unprecedented challenge. 

As lockdown set in, keeping in contact with staff, fitness members, players and visitors, was vital for our clients. We have over 5 million people securely and compliantly registered across our databases, each system has a comprehensive CRM module and as registration is compulsory, our clients were and still are able to issue reassuring updates, booking information and supportive information, swiftly and smoothly. 

Operating in today’s world has fundamentally changed for operators in sports and leisure. Accommodating social distancing and reshaping health and fitness venues, and sporting activities with reduced capacities, increased hygiene measures, heightened staffing levels, access control and registrations to support track and trace of every visit, it’s a new and the daunting responsibility. 

Robust technology is vital. To support administration, control attendance, helping to meet government legislation, forecast income and stock and for management to see remotely in real-time performance of every asset in their portfolio. 

 Luckily, our software solutions already offered the functionality needed. 

Reporting and analytics 

 Access historic attendance data to plan sessions and understand capacity restrictions needed. Reporting tools give remote real-time facility performance at your fingertips.

 Online booking and scheduling 

Every admission (including gym session, fitness class, sports pitch and court) Is pre-bookable, pre-payment required where applicable and capacity controlled in line with government legislation. 

Product and payment management 

Contactless payments, scheduled direct debits and full EPOS system to manage stock control 

Online self-administration 

Individuals manage their own account online; administration, communication, payments and bookings. 

Attendance tracking

All attendees; must pre-register online. Access control systems via contactless QR code scanning or biometric access control, (including facial recognition) recording and reporting arrivals and activities in real-time. 

CRM tools 

Integrated messaging and email tools to support with pro-active communication and retention to every person registered. 

 It is exceptionally gratifying to know that our powerful software solutions have been agile to support our clients, in these unprecedentedly, unpredictable times.

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