Black Friday Gym Deals

Black Friday Gym Deals

23 November 2022

Black Friday hasn’t even arrived, yet your inbox and news feeds are likely to be full of deals, sales, and discounts!

Amazon first introduced the UK to the Black Friday concept back in 2010 and now in 2022, it is predicted that the average shopper will spend £238 on Black Friday Promotions (source For the fitness industry, there are discounted sports clothing, fitness equipment deals, and gym promotions galore! From no joining fees to the rest of the year free! For many gym and leisure centre operators Black Friday is the last opportunity to secure gym members ahead of the New Year rush.

If Black Friday is for you, we have compiled below some of our top tips.

Keep it simple

Don’t over complicate the offer or the mechanics for redemption, make it easy and quick for potential customers to purchase the gym membership. Ideally, make the offer available online by using First Sports online payment module.

Be unique and act with urgency

One of the reasons Black Friday is so successful is the urgency it creates, the FOMO effect. Be sure to create an offer that stands you out from other operators with a deal that sounds too good to be true and for a limited time or a limited amount of people. These restrictions persuade the customer to act fast for fear of missing out.


Alongside any external marketing comms on social media, Point of Sale, and outreach. Be sure to connect with expired members and prospects by email or SMS. Using a comprehensive sales and prospecting system like First Sports allows you to automate communications and set-up reminders, triggers and follow-ups to ensure every prospect is managed efficiently.

Analyse ROI

Congratulations your Black Friday promotion was a success! But was it? Have you analysed sales and conversion targets? How many visits to your website did the promotion generate? What was the return on investment? What is the average length of stay following a Black Friday promotion?

First Sports reporting and analytics module has a customisable report builder enabling you to measure and track data that is important to you.

To find out more about how First Sports Software can help you manage gym offers and promotions, request a demo today

Happy Black Friday shopping!


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