Put the power of data in their hands

Put the power of data in their hands

22 April 2021

Remember joining your first sports club? Standing pitch side often in the rain completing membership contact forms with a dodgy biro? Handing it to the team official, along with your subs, paid in cash. They stuffed the form and payments into a coat pocket, or if they were sophisticated, a petty cash tin. Then later, they’d add your number to their phone book, probably using your nickname, and eventually pop down to the bank to pay the subs in.

It wasn’t much different in the leisure centre or gym either, with staff members having their own unique filing methods and handwriting completely undecipherable to other team members. With cumbersome manual systems, storage and updating info such as a change of phone number or home address, name, or payment updates, was exposed to human error. Data was often unretrievable and outdated making hard work of keeping in touch.

That was a totally typical scenario for sports and leisure data management back in the day. Or maybe it still rings true in some scenarios even now?

Rest assured, most leisure and sports clubs have upped their game, and when it comes to personal data technology, things are literally, looking up to the cloud these days. That’s right there’s no barrier or excuse for not having a secure, centrally accessed cloud-based, data management system, scalable to the needs of your club.

With the rules around handing personal data now fixed by GDPR, having a safe and secure system for club user information, is more than just desirable good practice guidance, it’s a legislative requirement, even at grassroots level.

The First Sports solution puts ownership and management of personal data in the hands of the club members. They access the secure, central database via an online portal (on any internet enabled device), using a unique login to update their own data – and that of their dependants - keeping it bang up to date and accessible only by them, and members of your team with good reason to access it.

First Sports solution gives them ability to workout their own data too. With a user-friendly, intuitive interface, they’ll be able to handle it, leaving you and your team free to put their energy into developing the game, managing the club and communicating with ease.

If this all sounds too technical, let First Sports demonstrate how the cloud really is in reach for your club’s personal data management.

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