Promotional campaigns to improve your gym’s fitness

Promotional campaigns to improve your gym’s fitness

25 November 2021

Get your gym promotions into shape

The time is right to start preparing the activity that will bring people flooding through your gym doors in January. Running successful promotions attracts new joiners, engages with prospect, and entices lapsed members back to your gym. First Sports have the software in place to support with accurate targeting, effective message delivery, follow-up and simple processing and payment with full data interrogation and insight.

Let’s look at how First Sports software helps takes the strain and gets your promotional activities into shape.

Power up your data
Data is one of your most valuable assets, having the ability to interrogate your member information fully and easily, is essential to targeting the right people, with the right message at the right time. With our software platform you can quickly establish target data sets. Once you have this dataset’s contact preference you can set up an appropriate communication program, that incentivises renewal and links directly to your renewal or sign up process.

Get your website ready
Promotional calls to action will link to your website for fulfilment. It’s important to make this process as seamless as possible. With First Sports software, discounts and promotional code redemptions are simple to set up, adapt and make ready for customers to use them, and commit their payment without blips in the customer journey. Getting them to join online, book online or redeem an offer online, couldn’t be simpler.

It’s who you know and who they know
Use the First Sports software to identify your most loyal members and offer a friends and family incentive, such as “Bring a non-member gym buddy for free in December”. As part of the offer sign-up process, the software permissively captures the “friend or family” details for you to then engage with and directly target with a discount to join ahead of the January rush.

Advance your bookings
Establish who attended classes last January and prompt them to book ahead to avoid disappointment this year. This could also be seen as a value-added reminder. Group together all the lapsed members from the past twelve months and invite them back to take advantage of an offer.

Response-based automated messaging
Through the sales and prospecting portal, you can identify who has joined or redeemed an offer and arrange automated response-based follow-up messages at set times, for those who haven’t.

It goes on and on
First Sports communication module isn’t just for promotion it’s for keeping in touch regularly. It’s simple to set up automated thank you messages, welcome notes, induction and new class invites and reminder prompts as well as offers and discounts, making your members feel valued all-year-round.

Know exactly what’s working
Insights are invaluable, and our real-time reporting will show you exactly what the percentage uptake on your campaigns has been. You can follow the income generated, the classes filling up, the number of memberships sold, and benchmark progress against targets and previous years’ performance.

Show me how
If this sounds like just the sort of support you need to get you through the next couple of months and in a much stronger position in future, let us show you how. Book your no obligation demonstration.


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