Five ways technology supports cost efficiencies.

Five ways technology supports cost efficiencies.

25 March 2021

How does our technology provide cost efficiency?

We are aware of the perception that introducing new technology is expensive, and we have seen the concept initially bring a frown to a Financial Director’s face. Often, the cost efficiencies that technology provides, can be overlooked. First Sports software is designed by leisure operators, for operators with added value as its foundation. Here, we give you five ways our software solution helps to save money!

1) Measuring real-time performance
Access control and tracking allows you to monitor your centre’s footfall and usage. You can easily investigate trends, identify peaks and troughs and have the capability to shape your resources accordingly. Use measurement parameters around activities such as participation in fitness classes, for example look at the room and staff cost against the amount of income generated. This is usually a one off or annual review consideration. However, with real-time reporting you can set alerts if participation drops, and take remedial action such as rescheduling them to time better suited to your audience, before profitability is affected.

2) Automation, automation, automation
Time is money! Having systems that take hours and hours of staff time to extract and manipulate data or even manually produce membership renewal letters, process event bookings or send payment reminders is labour intensive and expensive. When you consider that these tasks happen over and over again on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, those costs add up. With First Sports software, these tasks and communications are automated, recorded, retrievable and easily reported on.

3) Online self-administration portal
Put the control of administration in the hands of your users. This provides a smoother customer journey and gives users visibility and control of their personal and transactional data, at a time and place that suits them. Importantly, this saves you paying your staff to do the admin at the centre and takes away the bottlenecks at the entrance, and the stress away from the reception teams. Making contact data easy and timely for users to update, eradicates the cost of issuing communications to the wrong address and reduces the time it takes staff to update records manually.

4) Access control
We’ve all experienced a very busy multitasking receptionist checking member cards, answering the phone, processing payments simultaneously, all whilst causing a similar amount of unrest in the queue! This is no longer the case. First Sports can provide individual PIN codes, QR contact-free scanning from a card or direct from a smartphone – even biometric access via fingerprinting or face recognition. Access control measures to provide inherent security, improve customer experience, reduce staffing costs, and ensure that no payment means no entrance.

5) Retention and engagement
Fact - it’s easier and cheaper to retain users than it is to go after new conquests over, and over again. If you don’t continually connect with users, they’ll be difficult to attract back. In the leisure industry, your audience tends to live close by your venue, and your target population will be easily exhausted. Gym goers join with gusto, then attendance lapses and secondary spend drops. With First Sports data driven CRM, keeping users in touch, inspired, informed and engaged is simple. Perfect for retaining members and their associated income with automated renewal communications, but also capable of working with tracked trend, personal and transactional data to transform one-off users to regular bookers. You can segment your target audiences and send appealing incentives such as price promotions, first to book new activities and events, and new service offerings. Effectively targeting an audience for a new after-school club activity, for example, to people who’ve previously booked school holiday coaching sessions, will generate more interest, enquiries and bookings, with less promotional cost.

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