A solution for today’s rugby club challenges

A solution for today’s rugby club challenges

16 April 2021

A solution for today’s rugby club challenges

The game is back on the field, players are in training and the clubhouse is set to spring back into life. But how will rugby clubs manage to convert the losses of the last year, into the biggest win for all - a thriving rugby club fit for the future?

Good news from top Game Management Software supplier
First Sports have worked in partnership with England Rugby, for decades, providing and developing their game management software – GMS, which is in use at all the affiliated rugby clubs across England. In addition more than 400 sports clubs utilise the additional FSI Payment gateway and website add-on modules. Working closely alongside clubs, First Sports software is proven to support club revenue and sports participation. Understanding club’s needs and challenges, in addition to these core modules we can now offer our complete EPOS and venue booking modules – game changers for rugby club income generation.

Rugby club income streamlined
Is the income from every part of your club streamlined? Whether that’s a pint at the bar, booking a club social event, paying subscriptions, admission to a game, or a hot chocolate? Using the purse feature within the EPOS module, you can easily manage proceeds generated from every clubhouse sales function. Say goodbye to the cash tins and the endless time taken to report on sales from each separate part of the clubhouse and online, with full till and product management for accounting and banking ease.

However they pay it’s ok
People turn up at the club with cash, cards and smart phone apps, more than ever before they’re looking for contactless payment and you need to make things simple for staff and customers alike. Our EPOS offers multiple payment options, cash debit or credit card by contactless or smart phone apps such as Apple Pay. It’s so easy to lose track of café and bar tab payments with manual systems, First Sports table and tab management enables prepaid cashless tabs, ensuring you never miss out on a penny. With portable, mobile or countertop PDQ fully integrated and automated it’s simple to for people to pay and get that money into your merchant account with ease.

Pay ahead, turn positivity into income
There’s a real positivity around the restart of the game and people genuinely want to support your club. Make it easy for them to pay ahead of time, at their convenience with online sales via your website. A simple social media post linked to a purchase page can prompt action and generate income, even when the clubhouse is closed. Whether that’s purchasing a branded club coat, renewing a membership or buying a ticket to a game or club social event via our booking venue module.

Manage capacity and attract income ahead of game day
With capacity being critical in the new normal, encouraging people to book and pay ahead of the game eases flow and helps you manage capacity in real time. Our venue booking module sends automatic booking confirmations, can provide print at home tickets or QR codes for scanned admission and take the pressure off the people on the gate, and the uncertainty of knowing the numbers.

Reward loyalty, attract repeat purchases and secondary spend
First Sports software can handle promotions and discounts linked to membership and club roles. Linked to the EPOS, this allows you to offer special prices for members, with ease. Purchases can be linked to specific member and club profiles and you can easily monitor buying patterns and identify trends – such as how much real ale is typically purchased on a first team home game?! Incentivise secondary spend by sending a drinks offer to everyone who’s purchased a game ticket in advance. Minimise waste and maximise your returns by only stocking food or staffing an outside kiosk relative to the ticket sales and expected gate.

Easy for everyone
We understand that often, the clubhouse can be staffed by volunteers or multiple people working short hours, sporadically. First Sport EPOS and venue booking modules are fast and easy to set up, whether you’re moving from an existing system or starting from scratch. All you need is an internet connection. We can integrate with existing internet enabled terminals and hardware, or supply new cash drawers, chip and pin machines, scanners, tickets and receipt printers or touchscreens. We are on hand to ensure there’s comprehensive training for everyone, with clear dashboards to guide staff logically through this intuitive process. Everyone has a secure login and security profile appropriate to their role in the club. First Sports software is completely GDPR compliant and offers full traceability taking the headache and practicalities of safely managing personal data away from the committee.

Sounds great but can we afford it?
We get that these are challenging times, and we know and can show you how introducing these modules pays back for sports clubs. First Sports offer simple, competitive and flexible pricing scalable to your rugby club’s budget.

Give us a try, and we’ll convert you to First Sports!
See us in action, give us a call and we’ll demonstrate not only how the software works, but how it will solve your pain points and help you push through to generate more income, more easily, for the future success of your rugby club.


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