A single solution for a single site gym



A single solution for a single site gym

All too often gym and studio owners conclude that the latest technology is out of their reach. It’s wrong to assume that you need a big budget and big gym to afford a big solution and make a big difference. First Sports Run.it is the affordable, scalable, gym operation software solution for small and single site gyms and fitness studios, too.

Proven technology built by operators, for operators
First Sports technology was developed by gym operators, for gym operators – just like you! Regardless of the size of your gym or studio, you share the big operational challenges of multi-chain gyms.

Challenges such as offering a smooth, online booking experience, managing online and reception payments, renewing memberships, recording access to the facility and managing capacity, are shared whatever your size. The good news is, First Sports have been working with large multi-site operators to develop an affordable, scalable solution. It’s a modular system so that you can simply use the aspects of the system that you need most, in the safe knowledge that it’s adaptable to grow with your business in the future.

For Fitness, Yoga and Pilates studios, handling the class timetable, customer communication, studio access, and restricted capacity complexities is made simple with our access, online scheduling, booking and payment, CRM and accounting modules. First Sports platform has the flexibility, strength and capability to manage your bank balance, leaving you to concentrate on the flexibility, strength and balance of your clients.

We understand that your brand is valuable to you, that’s why the look and feel of the front end of your website will look and feel like you, your gym or studio, not a faceless replica. With First Sports software, you’re getting your own unique look, supported by the best, most reliable customer functionality on the market.

Run.it is tried and tested, with a great track record
With full technical back-up and specific account manager from concept, through roll out and day-to-day operations, around the clock, First Sports will give your small company, big company support. With over 15 years-experience, specifically in the gym, leisure and sports industry we understand you, and are on your side.

Try First Sports on for size. Let us set you up with a demo of Run.it gym management software. You’ll find that it’s the perfect fit, no matter the size of your gym or studio.

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