Revenue generation and cost management are, naturally critical to the continued success of any sports organisation. Sports organisations are businesses like any other and must be in a position to take advantage of existing revenue opportunities and also strive to generate new ones from elite athlete success, new technologies, member engagement and so on. At the same time they must constantly strive to reduce costs of operation.

The First Sports solutions for administration, development and elite areas help to streamline a sports organisations operations and therefore reduce costs and make best use of staff and volunteer time. Event Line then takes advantage of all this centralised information and management and uses it to assist an organisation in maximising its revenue and efficiency in running events of all kinds.

Included in this module grouping are:

Sports Project Management


Membership & Fan Clubs

Ticket Balloting & Loyalty

Hospitality & Premium Package Sales

VIP Guest Management

Media & Accreditation

International Team Management

Marketing Management

Online Booking Management