For the general public success of a sporting organisation is typically defined by success of its elite athletes. Popularity of a sport is also often directly associated with success at elite levels. For many sports organisations funding is also directly associated with success at elite levels either through government funding, public attendance, merchandise, media & TV funding etc.
It is therefore critically important for organisations to be able to manage and track elite player development from a very young age and throughout their careers in a sport.

With First Sports all of the hard work done through the administration group and development of grassroots feeds this module grouping with the elite prospects of the future. This module group is then used to track, manage and develop these individuals or teams through their elite life cycle.

Included in this module group are:

Individual/Coach/Team Training Plan Management

Medical Management

Injury Audit Management

Fitness Management

Strength & Conditioning Management

Diet & Nutrition Management

Welfare Management

Grant Management

Scouting Management

Statistics & Analysis