First Sports is all about an individual’s lifetime involvement in sport.  To achieve this, First Sports developed a sports specific data schema on which any sports module can sit. Through the life of an individual’s involvement in any sport the FSI solution will provide a single 360 degree view of this information. Organisations can pick the individual modules they wish to use from within the First Sports suite, be-spoke developed modules or integrated existing systems. All can sit on this central data schema.

Contact Zone is a set of modules at the centre of this structure, providing a single central repository for all data associated with your sport, as well as a window into the operations of all other module groups and business areas.

Contact Zone also comprises all the modules required to administer the overall solution. It includes:

Contact Management – A detailed module with the functionality of traditional CRM (customer relationship management) systems

Communications Management – A module area dedicated to administering communications – Email, SMS, Mail Merge, E-Zine etc.

Security Management – Administration tool to manage access to all modules in the FSI suite

Workflow Management – A key module which provides the ability to configure unlimited sports business process flows for all levels of an organisation.

Configuration & Language Management – A key tool to manage language, list and configuration options across all modules

Child Welfare Management – A key security module to track police checks, suspensions & security access rights based on child protection criteria

Report Management – SQL Reporting & Analysis Services as standard