FSI’s approach to sports administration systems represents a dramatic change from traditional software structures in how an organisation relates to its participants, constituents and associated individuals. This change in perspective represents the basis of the First Sports International solution. The FSI approach focuses on the individual as the primary data point in an organisation and all of their associated roles, relationships and activities are linked to that data point. This fundamental principle underpins how the FSI system has been designed, specifically catering for the unique requirements of the sports market.

The First Sports suite of modules is categorised into 5 key pillars or Product Groups:

  • Contact ZoneThe centralised management of all your sports data
  • Administration Centre – The day to day running and administration of your sport
  • Development Core – Growing your sport from grassroots to elite programmes
  • Elite Hub – Managing all aspects of your elite and high performance athletes/teams
  • Event Line – Managing the marketing, revenue & event management side of your sport

Each area above comprises a series of individual modules to help your organisation manage, automate and streamline crucial business processes. FSIs’ customers can choose individual modules or module areas based on their specific needs.

Flexibility is key to everything First Sports International do with their clients. We understand that business capabilities (e.g. register players) may be similar across different sports, across different associations within a single sport and through the various levels of a sports organisation. However individual business processes (e.g. The specific steps and rules to complete a player registration)  vary widely through each of these examples. For this reason FSI’s solutions are workflow based, allowing, on a single platform the ability configure any module to meet the specific business processes of a client.