Our Story

First Sport’s mission: “To be a game-changer for our clients, employees and partners. To be the best in the sports marketplace by delivering unrivalled customer service and producing quality products"

Sport - A Structured Social Network.

At First Sports we recognised this and designed from the ground up, a comprehensive sports specific technology framework that would take advantage of this network for our customers. First Sports platform provides a single source of data for our sports customers; A 360 degree view of each individual’s lifetime involvement in their sport, their participation, their roles, their friends and relationships, their qualifications, their statistics and more. A similar single view for every organisation within a sport, each club, school, team, league, region, association. All its data in a single source, all its hierarchies of relationships with other organisations, history of participants, members, players, coaches, volunteers, sponsors, teams, statistics and more.

We are a leading provider of sports software products & consulting services worldwide. We provide business and technology solutions to sports federations, sports governing bodies, clubs, colleges and participant organisations of all sizes.

Our platform, dramatically improves any sports organisations ability to successfully manage their business activities, participants, members, fans, players, officials, coaches, competitions, volunteers, venues, events, ticket buyers, sponsors and much more.

Sport is a structured social network, and with all your sports data in a single platform you can take advantage of this for the betterment of your sport and engagement of the individuals involved.