First Sports announces pilot with Yorkshire Rugby CB

As part of the RFU and First Sports ongoing rollout programs for GMS (Game Management Systems), we are pleased to announce that Yorkshire's Constituent Body have agreed to work closely with First Sports to help provide functionality to offer all constituent bodies across England. This includes functions within the administration systems as well as payment systems, mobile and website content systems.

Yorkshire RFU are keen to work with First Sports and offer a “unique”, “one stop shop” to manage their game and data from a single source.

Constituent Bodies are effectively ‘mini’ governing bodies and help manage and run the game in their respective counties. Yorkshire RFU currently manages approximately 110 clubs.

Each constituent body wants to provide their clubs with key local data including; Competitions, Club Searches, Teams, News, Events across the whole county, effectively a scaled down version of the systems and website provided at national level.

We look forward to working with Yorkshire on this exciting project.