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Football Association of Moldova selects First Sports

Posted on January, 11, 2013 by

December, 2012 – First Sports International is delighted to announce that the Football Association of Moldova (FMF) has selected First Sports as its long term sports software partner. First Sports and FMF commence in 2013 a process of implementing sports CRM and  football management systems across national and grassroots football in Moldova.

Romanian Football Federation selects First Sports

Posted on January, 11, 2013 by

December, 2012 – First Sports International is delighted to announce that the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) has selected First Sports as its long term sports software partner. First Sports and FRF commence in 2013 a process of implementing sports CRM and  football management systems across national and grassroots football in Romania.

Faroe Islands Football Association selects First Sports

Posted on January, 11, 2013 by

December, 2012 – First Sports International is delighted to announce that the Faroe Islands Football Association (FSF) has selected First Sports as its long term sports software partner. First Sports and FSF commence in 2013 a process of implementing football management modules across the association.

Georgian Football Federation selects First Sports

Posted on January, 11, 2013 by

December, 2012 – First Sports International is delighted to announce that the Georgian Football Federation (GFF), the governing body for football in Georgia has selected First Sports as its long term sports software partner. First Sports and GFF will partner to roll out a Football Management System throughout the association over the coming years.

How Sports Can Benefit From Software

Posted on December, 15, 2012 by

How Sports Can Benefit From Software

Software programmes are always made for making life easier in some way or the other. In sports too, they play a big role. First Sports International has become a major player in this field by providing sports software to various government organisations, private clubs and to individuals as well. Whenever the word sports software is mentioned, people wonder what role could a software play in a domain which is known for keeping people away from computers. But there are too many applications of software in this field:


  • In cricket matches, when the primary umpire is unsure of the decision, he takes help of third umpire by using wireless systems for communication.
  • They are also used by referees in basketball games or similar purposes.
  • The technology knows no bounds and one of the greatest examples is the hawk-eye technology. It is used to trace the trajectory of the ball and is used in games like cricket and tennis.
  • The software programmes are not only used by the governing bodies but also by sports clubs. There are a lot of activities the track of which is kept by the use of such programmes. For example, the database of all the members and their information is stored with the clubs. Also, their scores and performances are also stored which can be analysed in the form of the reports.
  • All the facts and figures that are released regarding a sportsperson are all managed through software because only a software programme can process so much of data.
  • The use of software packages is not limited to desktop computers. They are also extensively used on mobile devices. Those who are seriously indulged in sports keep track of their performance and health using applications like heartbeat tracker, nutrition calculator, counters etc.
  • Professional trainers make use of applications to keep note of growth of the team. They can enter the data initially and then see the predictions which can then be used to train the team members accordingly.
  • Sports involve doing a lot of exercises. The machines used for exercising make use of embedded software to calculate and display the data relatingto how much exercise has been done, how many calories have been burnt and a lot of other related data.
  • Due to the precision they provide, software packages are used for calculation of run rates, averages and data alike on real time basis.
  • These days, the simulation software programmes are coming up in the market which gives the experience of playing a sport in the field.


They are also widely used in casinos for keeping record of the scores. Also, mobile casinos are getting really popular because of the ease of playing. There is no headache of submitting the cash in advance or providing credit card details. The game can be played against actual users and not any software. They are a great way of making money in short span of time and are a good replacement in situations where sports cannot be played.

Advantages of Playing Sports for Children

Posted on September, 13, 2012 by

Parents may have different opinions when it comes to introducing sports to their children. Some may think that engaging in sports is simply a waste of time for their children. Others, however, think that playing sports is a good investment of their time. Reality is, many children, as well as teenagers, actually dream of being a part of one of their school’s sports team because the notion remains that when they are part of a group, they can become well-known or popular in their school.


Socializing and Sports

Reality dictates that children who are engaging in extracurricular activities, such as being part of sports teams are generally the ones who are well known in the school campus. This is not something negative. As a matter of fact, it is a good assistance to their emotional quotient. It does a lot in boosting the self confidence of your child while they establish friendships with other children. At the same time, they also learn to develop worthwhile traits just by simply playing sports. Among the values that they learn include being honest, fair, enduring and friendly.


Parents and Children

As a parent, would you want to encourage your child to engage in sports instead of simply sitting around, watching TV the entire day, or perhaps playing on a playing device? They might also get into the risk of being in the wrong friends. There are children who have not been exposed to the world of sports. In the end, they turn to becoming extroverts instead.

Still, there are children who are born with the heart for sports. These are the children who do not need to be motivated but are eager to play on their own. As a parent, all you need to do is to guide them to the right decisions. This may call for the need to back them up with the sport that they will be interested in.

There are families that appreciate the value of technology. In these situations, the parents enjoy playing online games with casino affiliates, while children play with their own. These days, however, it is being suggested for parents to play with their kids as this fosters their emotional well being. This will also do a big thing in the development of their personalities, equipping them for the greater things in life.



Sports Across Borders

Posted on September, 02, 2012 by

Sports and new media on the Web go together like a ball and glove. This reflects the natural tie between society's countless games and styles of human communication. We love to play games, watch games, and, talk about them. The Web allows people to share their love of sports far beyond talking or writing about them.




Universal Sports



The fact that sports and team worship often have carried the baggage of nationalism (hooligans) or various sorts of divisive propaganda may be turning around in the age of the Internet.


The main reason this could be is that people share their experiences with sports across borders, oceans, languages and even the sports themselves. Common mobile phones allow anyone to be a sportscaster with their friends and family on Facebook — and, it's just as easy to share at the global scale.


We're all learning not only how to enjoy our favourite sports more but also discovering sports from other parts of the world. People are invariably learning more geography and about other cultures — through their natural, universal love of sports.



Olympian Network



People are very accustomed to using computers and technology in their pursuit of sporting thrills. They also use tech to publicise their own home-grown events, local events, school sports and spectatorship (as fans) at major sports matches.


The network we're using, the Internet with Web applications, has grown so rich, with so much global participation (even in underprivileged countries), that it is comparable to a rich local scene where people are enjoying sports, extended to the global scale.


Our network is so very vast and deep, it represents sports played in countless ways, and even includes online games. Computer games have always presented people with copious sport-themed titles; now of course the games are incredibly advanced, realistic and thrilling. Games do share a strong feedback loop with professional sports.


Sports are everywhere in our lives. School textbooks use sporting metaphors. International diplomacy is greased by sport. Most everyone loves to either play or watch matches. Even a cutting-edge no deposit casino will offer sports-oriented titles. Societies in general can do a lot of good with the natural good nature and cooperation found in sports.

Sports and gambling ho hand in hand

Posted on April, 16, 2012 by

Sports and gambling were always two of the most popular activities of men (and sometimes women as well), although people always had completely different opinions about the two. Sports were always considered constructive, healthy, and overall positive, while gambling (even betting on sporting events) was considered a bad thing.

There are many ways in which sports have influenced popular culture. From training clothes to memorabilia, from toys and video games to movies and literature, sports have left a mark on virtually everything. Thus I think we can say it’s normal that gambling has influenced sports, and sports have also left a mark on gambling.

Even online sportsbooks, the gambling operators active in the sports betting sector, will offer their players – besides the opportunity to bet on real events – some ‘virtual sports’ to wager on: software simulations of horse and greyhound races, motor sports and tennis matches. When it comes to online casinos, sports serve as inspiration for a whole series of games.

All online casino game developers have at least a few sports-inspired games in their offer.

Microgaming, the oldest developer of real money online casinos and provider of software for casinos like Europalace, Royal Vegas and many more, has video slot machines, scratch cards, bingo rooms and other games inspired by sports – football, tennis, horse racing, you name it.

Playtech, another well known developer, also has many games inspired by sports, including virtual sports. The same goes for Net Entertainment, Realtime Gaming and many others.

Slot machines are maybe the easiest games to style, and these are probably the most popular casino games of them all. Casinos like Europalace have many sports-themed slot machines, like Football Star, Shoot! and many others. This way they can offer football fans the chance to play great casino games and pay homage to their favorite sport at the same time.

Indirectly, online gambling has a great influence on sports as well. Some of the most successful online gambling operators – companies like Bet365, Paddy Power and others, sponsor sports teams and events – obviously for marketing purposes. Some even have entire tournaments named after them: the bet-at-home Open, the Betfred Cheltenham Gold Cup, and many more.

Depending on the country of their origin, online gambling operators sponsor different sports: British and Irish ones usually put their brand on horse races and football teams, for example Paddy Power, the biggest Irish bookmaker and online gambling operator is the main sponsor of Manchester City and Swansea City, two well known football teams in the UK.

As you can see, gambling (in many of its forms) and sports are closely related. They influence each other, as they do with many other things in our lives, and both can be entertaining and rewarding at the same time.

Who will gain promotion to the championship?

Posted on April, 16, 2012 by

It’s no secret that people who live in other countries watch the English Championship because of how fascinating the league is. Week after week it is impossible to predict the results. As well as this you can never be sure who is can come out on top in the Championship as there are many different teams capable of gaining promotion each season. This makes betting on specific team extremely difficult. This is unlike many other league around the world where only one or 2 teams have the quality to win their games consistently over a whole season.

Currently Leicester are running away with the title and are 1/50 on to win the title and clinch promotion. The battle for the second and third (via the playoffs) spot is much more open. Burnley are favourites to claim the second spot at 1/9, after this it’s a close battle between Derby (9/4), Qpr (13/5) and Wigan (13/5). Based on current form you would have to fancy Wigan to charge through in the final games and take this form into the playoffs. But could they be side tracked by their FA cup semi-final.

This is unlike mobile slots where you can weigh up the odds evenly and make the best decision in order to come out on top.
This is what makes games such as Game on! So fun, even with the football theme to the slots game you can always work out your chances of winning meaning you can make the most of the money that you bet. Not only is it perfect to have a go to get yourself in the mood for upcoming matches, you can access it on a mobile phone making it easy to take anywhere with you.

NI Clubs and Powerade

Posted on April, 12, 2012 by

Coke IFAMarch, 2012 - FSI is delighted to announce its partnership with Coca Cola & Powerade to bring its Club Website (CMS) module to every football club in Northern Ireland.

This project with the Irish Football Association (IFA) called ‘NI Clubs’ will provide a hosted website to each club and league under the IFA. The IFA are extensive users of FSI modules and have a single central database with a 360 degree view of every club and participant in the game in Northern Ireland. In addition to a website CMS gateway, this project will also provide each club and league with a host of administration functionality as part of the existing modules in use by the IFA.