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Football Association of Moldova selects First Sports

Posted on January, 11, 2013 by

December, 2012 – First Sports International is delighted to announce that the Football Association of Moldova (FMF) has selected First Sports as its long term sports software partner. First Sports and FMF commence in 2013 a process of implementing sports CRM and  football management systems across national and grassroots football in Moldova.

Romanian Football Federation selects First Sports

Posted on January, 11, 2013 by

December, 2012 – First Sports International is delighted to announce that the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) has selected First Sports as its long term sports software partner. First Sports and FRF commence in 2013 a process of implementing sports CRM and  football management systems across national and grassroots football in Romania.

Faroe Islands Football Association selects First Sports

Posted on January, 11, 2013 by

December, 2012 – First Sports International is delighted to announce that the Faroe Islands Football Association (FSF) has selected First Sports as its long term sports software partner. First Sports and FSF commence in 2013 a process of implementing football management modules across the association.

Georgian Football Federation selects First Sports

Posted on January, 11, 2013 by

December, 2012 – First Sports International is delighted to announce that the Georgian Football Federation (GFF), the governing body for football in Georgia has selected First Sports as its long term sports software partner. First Sports and GFF will partner to roll out a Football Management System throughout the association over the coming years.

Football Teams – How Do They Make Money?

Posted on October, 17, 2012 by

The question is indeed a matter of “how”, rather than “if”. Some only think of the simple way football teams make money – during match day, when they sell logo souvenirs. Others use their online websites – online stores – and encourage fans to purchase footballs and autographed player t-shirts, mugs and scarves or other similar items. But this is mere change for a big, popular football club who is looking for ways of making some serious money.  


Around The World

There are many differences between football clubs and their management and take-aways all over the globe. Different leagues have different expectations and their commercial revenues vary greatly. Just look at Real Madrid and their €171 million revenue and analyze Atlético Madrid – surprisingly or not located at the bottom of the same top of revenues. Merchandise and sponsorship sales are all directly related to the power of planetary popularity and notoriety for giant football cubs. Adding more points of sales where passionate fans can purchase their favorite items from is one excellent strategy to adopt. We can help you cleverly plan ahead your next big moves in the field.

The Importance Of Sponsorship

But we also recommend looking at sponsors and the revenues originating from them. Regional sponsors will always be interested in having their name connected to an important football club, just like smart online casino affiliates at ladbrokespartners.com will know how to associate their marketing strategies to popular casino brands such as the Ladbrokes Casino name. They can provide passionate gamblers with a dozen live casino game options, alongside the most successful license under the Micrograming name and the largest number of VIP players. And there are over 550 games to enjoy here. So the popularity of the place is prone to only go up. These are criteria that should convince an affiliate marketer to consider joining the LabrokesPartners casino affiliate program –just like a regional sponsor should find similar reasons to associate their name with a football team.

Sports, Technology, History

Posted on October, 10, 2012 by

The management of a sports organisation is a very human affair — but nowadays it undeniably has a technological element. Even smaller clubs or local community teams, for example, are using media devices and the Internet to carry forward their goals. At the top end, professional teams must harness technology or else get lapped, in that respect, by those that do.


Across the Board


The great thing about technology and sports together is that they are compatible on so many levels of sport, and for virtually any sport. A team, for instance, will use new media on the inside for training, and, for its  public relations content. A player will use a smartphone or tablet to track personal fitness, and use the same device to communicate and share with an agent, coach or fans in a broadcast.

The reasons for that nice close fit between sports and technology is that they probably share a common origin in human history and development. Sports (like warfare) have always gone hand-in-hand with the very best technology of the day.

We've just passed through the era wherein much technology was pointed at entertainment ends: televising matches or the Olympics It was of course a very commercial phase. Now, hopefully, as technology literally has landed in anybody's hands — especially on the bodies of professional athletes — we are moving into an era for technology pointed at the heart of sports: their humanity.


Games Are Human


Maybe in our drive to the core or essence we may go deeper than sports and warfare to something they all have in common: gaming. It seems — and anthropologists will agree — that humans have always place great importance (and used their best technology) simply to play. But we see this in most all animals.

Play is developmental, strengthening, stress-relieving and has many complex social functions as well. This is the essential experience that is universal in humanity, and in most mammals. Play involves different ages and groups of the same age, as you see with puppies — we see the same pattern with coaches and young athletes, who play in teams against the same ages. There is something vitally playful found in all forms of life, actually.

Now we live in an interesting time. Our technology — rather, the technology available to most people without specialist knowledge — is more plentiful and more useful than ever before. Everything from online education, to entertainment, to social networking, and even to electronic casinos (go here for an example) are part of present history: play and gaming are emerging as major forces in culture.

Sport software to help sport leagues

Posted on October, 10, 2012 by

Today even sport teams and leagues need to manage and organize their news and fan pages. Just think about millions football fans all over the world who often need to check their team to learn more about the next match and about the latest news on athletes, coaches and health conditions of each player.

How to manage a sport page

Probably, a simple fan page on a social network would not be enough and either a couple of websites. Actually, there is really much info and pictures that need to be organized the best way possible in order to fit the fans’ expectations. So here is the question: “What to do?”

Using a sport software would be really helpful for all sport leagues who count on millions fans. Actually, the more the fans, the harder it becomes to manage them.

What does a sport software do in order to help sport leagues? First of all, a sport software can be used by every kind f sport leagues, so football, tennis, rugby, baseball and car racing leagues can all take advantages from using a sport software.

Practically, a sport software is an online sports management technology which help the administrators of sport websites (these people generally run a sport league on their own) to automatically organize the work and manage the players. It’s a technology which helps to save time and effort.

Register and go!

Players and parents of players, if they are younger than 18 years old, can register 24/7 online: this increases the number of registrations to your leagues or sport club and makes all easier and simpler, because there is no need to get papers and other stuff. The registered users’ data are stored in a data-base which is accessible via web.

An online registration allows you to play virtual sports and get feeling like a true athlete. Moreover, with virtual sports by Ladbrokes you can place a bet and see if your predictions are right. The Ladbrokes system is very easy to understand and you can always count on a free 24/7 help service.

Get in the world of sports and start to enjoy your best teams and matches. You can bet and get important news on all kinds of sports, highlights like bet-in-play markets, fixed odds and pool betting. What’s more, there are also exclusive offers for those players who decide to play and bet from their mobile device.  

UEFA European Championship

Posted on October, 03, 2012 by

Following the normal need to regulate football games played by adversaries living on the same continent, in this case, Europe, the UEFA European Championship was born. The championship is to be regarded as the main association football competition that bring together the biggest national football teams. All the teams originate in countries that are part of the Union of the European Football Associations. At the end of the championship, the champion of Europe is established.


Brief UEFA Championship History


The competition has been organized since 1960 and it is held in the even-numbered year between the tournaments belonging to the World Cup. In the beginning, it was called the UEFA European Nations Cup, and its current name was attributed 8 years after its creation. Before a team enters the important tournament, it needs to go through a special qualification process. This team that is each year hosting the championship does to have to go through the process. The winners will also get the chance to participate in the upcoming FIFA Confederations Cup, but this participation is not mandatory. Some of the past winners are Spain, Germany, France, Italy, and Denmark, to name just a few.


Future UEFA Championships

Until the 2016 UEFA Championship that will be hosted by France as announced in 2010, you can play some blackjack online on the VegasWinner casino site online and try to get some money to buy tickets and see the amazing show live. For the first time in the history of the event, there will be 24 teams participating in the finals, with France playing the role of the hostess country for the third time – hence you should expect a phenomenal live event. For the following edition, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan , and the Ireland, Scotland and Wales have placed their bids to host the show. Who will win the bid, it remains to be seen; in the meanwhile, keep yourself busy playing your favorite games of blackjack, slots, or poker and come up with a nice budget.

Drive More Fan Engagement With First Sports International

Posted on October, 03, 2012 by

Every single football club on the face of the earth needs the support of fans and sponsors. In order for them to maintain their interest high, football club managers need to think of clever ways of promoting their team. We here at First Sports International can provide you with the management software and tailor-made solutions you need to make it all happen. While you decide upon your specific requirements, here are a few ideas and strategies on how to promote your team and engage more fans.   

Run Many Freebies

You could organize a local lottery during a football festival we can help you set up; you could use tickets wearing your team’s logo and offer similar T-shirts, football balls belonging to your club, and other similar items signed with an autograph on behalf of the players at the end of the draws. If you need some ideas on how should your lottery tickets look like, you can learn more by visiting the LotteryMaster site and looking at lotteries such as Mega Millions. EuroMillions, PowerBall, or La Primitiva, to name just a few.


The most successful football clubs out there are highly appreciated for their freebies; one f London’s football teams – Barnet FC makes full use of this piece of information through their free football sessions organized for both boys and girls. These sessions requires no fees and teenagers ages between 12 and 18 have a chance to play on the team’s field, while interacting with other young passionate football players and training with the professional Barnet team itself. This is an idea that is highly successful for both the children involved and their parents, and it can significantly improve the prestige of your club as well. Coming across new supporters is extremely easy this way, the costs are at a minimum and you could even come across a few volunteers.

Tips On How To Bet On Snooker

Posted on May, 16, 2012 by

The game of snooker counts among some of the most popular games that are equally played, watched, and placed bets on, whether online or offline. If you would like to find out a few things about the most difficult billiard games on the planet and learn how to bet on it, read on.    


Snooker Has An Impressive History

Snooker has gone through a great deal of transforming processes throughout the years. It has had its share of ups and downs and it has managed to become a genuine household sport in many parts of the world. Due to its high degree of difficulty, snooker is a sport that is constantly testing the skills of billiard players looking to prove what they are capable of. This is also one of the main reasons why so many people like to watch live games on TV and entire championships have developed over the years, bringing together some of the most powerful players in the world. The United Kingdom seems to be the cradle of the sport, but people in other countries or from different continents are also constantly expressing their interest regarding this sport.   


Snooker Air Time

As mentioned before, snooker enjoys a great deal of television time and the World Snooker Championship is just one of the most anticipated championships related to the sport. The professional players of snookers confine with the strict regulations of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association. On a regular yearly basis this association organizes events that are part of the World Snooker Circuit; the prizes consist of money and important ranking points that are going to be added to the precious international snooker leaderboard. These points will be used as qualification points for the much-praised World Snooker Championship that also occurs on a regular, yearly basis, and which gathers the largest number of professional snooker players under one roof at a time.

The fact that snooker is currently a televised game is no surprise to many. The increasing popularity of the billiard game has triggered many fans to watch TV games or join live audiences during important tournaments whether on the Old Continent or in Asia.


How To Place Best On Snooker

The game of snooker can also be placed bets on using many online bettors, and we count among the best. Place bets on the Snooker Grand Prix, the Snooker Masters, or the Snooker World Championship, to name just a few of the most important events. Match betting is the simplest type of a bet to place. Try to guess the winner and place your sportsbook bet over the web.

Risk more money than the payout by picking the favorite or less than the payout of the best if you opt for the underdog. Outright bets are set months before the events enabling you to pick the winner; the odds are fantastic and the payouts are often times huge. Check out our options in terms of snooker betting online or check out the Deuce Casino brand in case you want to join the AffPower.com affiliate marketing programme and earn some extra money.